Recently, I have become fascinated by the creative potential of works that merge music with other disciplines/multimedia/electroacoustic elements. ‘Filament’, is a collaborative concert project featuring new works by 6 artists/composers from across Canada: Róisín Adams and Cai Shashrvacai, Germaine Liu, Colin Labadie, Roxanne Nesbitt, Ben Wylie and Julia Mermelstein. ‘Filament’ will be presented in Toronto on June 27th, 2019 with generous support from the Canada Council for the Arts, the SOCAN Foundation, Ontario Arts Council and Arraymusic.

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Germaine Liu

Germaine Liu is a Toronto-based percussionist, performer and composer. Her interests primarily involve collaborations with people or the objects she plays. Her focus in composition include joyful explorations of everyday gestures and feelings through her musical relationships with her collaborators. As a percussionist, Liu has performed as a soloist and has been privileged to collaborate with many wonderful musicians, dancers and artists. Her most recent collaboration CeramiX with ceramic artist Chiho Tokita involves creating a set of compositions specific to Tokita’s ceramic work. She has participated in the 416 Festival, Guelph Jazz Festival, Nuit Blanche, Ottawa Chamber Festival, Tone Deaf Festival, NAISA's Sound Travels Festival, Suoni per il popolo, Supermusique, Toronto Jazz Festival, X-Avant festival, soundaXis festival, Music(in)Galleries, NUMUS, FTA (festival transamériques) and AIMToronto’s Leftover Daylight and Interface Series. She is part of a number of Toronto-based ensembles, including c_RL with Nicole Rampersaud and Allison Cameron, Octopus with Mark Zurawinski and Picastro. During her undergraduate degree at University of Guelph, Liu studied percussion with John Goddard and Jesse Stewart and music with Ellen Waterman, at York University in Toronto she studied composition with David Mott.

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Ben Wylie

Ben Wylie is a composer, improviser, and sound artist based in Vancouver, BC. His work is concerned with tuning systems, theatricality, light, space, coded text, natural phenomena, drones, resonance, amplification, among many other things. His music has been performed in the United States, Canada, Spain, and Germany by ensembles and performers including Boston Musica Viva, the Bozzini Quartet, Ensemble 2e2m, Chris Watford, the Ludovico Ensemble, Naomi Sato, and Sylvie LaCroix, among others. He graduated with a BM in Composition from the Boston Conservatory in 2014, where he studied with Marti Epstein, Curtis Hughes, and Jan Swafford. He received an MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Simon Fraser University in 2016, where he studied with composer Owen Underhill and theatre artist Steven Hill. He has participated in festivals including the Darmstadt Summer Courses, Festival Mixtur, the Arraymusic Young Composers Workshop, and the Atlantic Music Festival, among others. During these festivals he taken lessons with composers including Jennifer Walshe, Johannes Kreidler, Rebecca Saunders, Michael Pisaro, Phyllis Chen, Evan Ziporyn, and Ken Ueno. As an improviser he has created live scores for choreographers Linnea Gwiazda and Emmalena Fredriksson, he has also been featured in the 2015 Big Joy Festival, Quiet City concert series, and Sawdust Collector concert series. He has presented sound installations at the Vines Art Festival (2015, 2018) and has collaborated on installations with theatre artist Megan Stewart and interdisciplinary group The Public Swoon. He is also a co-host and producer of Soundscape, a show about experimental music on Vancouver's Co-Op Radio.


Róisín Adams

Róisín Adams (1985) is a Vancouver-based composer and pianist whose artistic interests lie in the intersection of composed and improvised music. Her music has been performed by Ellwood Epps, Vicky Mettler, Elisa Thorn, Michael James Park, NOW Society Orchestra, Rachel Iwaasa and Catherine Laub. She writes and performs regularly with her instrumental jazz quartet, Hildegard's Ghost, and collaborates with artists from all disciplines including visual arts, poetry, puppetry, filmmaking and dance.


Cai is an experimental film-maker and creative-coder. He has been creating audio-reactive and kinetic performances in collaboration with musicians and dancers. Coming from a film-making/animation background he has been trying to push film-making techniques to enhance real-time story telling experience.

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Roxanne Nesbitt

Roxanne is a designer, musician and sound artist based in Vancouver, Canada. She is interested in the convergence of sound, design, and motion.

Roxanne has worked with choreographers Manuela Lucia Tessi, Sarah Fdili Alaoui, and the Good Women Dance Collective as a sound artist, composer and designer. These collaborations explored the design of large-scale spatial instruments that allow dancers to generate sound with their bodies. She also works with Vancouver/ Berlin based drummer Ben Brown on the on-going collaboration Mutual Instruments for Movement and Sound, where she designs and makes original percussion instruments that facilitate an unorthodox vocabulary of movement.

Roxanne performs regularly as a singer and musician in the audio-visual project graftician. Roxanne also works as a set designer for film. In 2016, she worked on the feature films Okja and Power Rangers in Vancouver.

In 2015, Roxanne completed a Masters of Architecture at the University of British Columbia. Previously, she studied double bass in Edmonton completing a bachelor of Music at the University of Alberta in 2009.

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Colin Labadie

Colin Labadie used to race home after school so he could secretly play his dad’s guitar before he got home from work. After mastering countless Metallica solos as an aspiring twelve year old, he eventually went on to become a Doctor (…of music).

As a composer, Colin writes notably un-classical music for classical instruments. Through simple patterning and subtle variation, he seeks to build intricate yet clear structures and sounds. As a performer, he does exactly the opposite; he creates noisy and chaotic textures, usually with mutant guitars or homemade circuits. He often roots around in thrift stores, hunting for odd sounds in the world of forgotten electronics.Somewhere between these two extremes lies his work as a sound designer. He has spent countless hours in darkened sound booths crafting rich soundscapes for productions of several theatrical works.

Colin has taught music both in classrooms and private studios. Above all, he encourages people to find their own path through music by exploring the intersections between imagination, knowledge, and technique. He is also committed to fostering music in the community, having held various administrative and organizational roles in several local arts and not-for-profit organizations.

Colin currently lives in Kitchener, Canada. He has been fortunate enough to perform or have his work performed across Canada, as well as in many non-Canadian countries. When he isn’t listening to music he can usually be found trying to sniff out a good barbecue joint.

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Julia Murmelstein

Julia Mermelstein is a Toronto-based composer, originally from Halifax. Her music focuses on detailed tone colour, textures, and gestural movement that reveal evocative,

immersive, and subtly changing soundscapes. She extensively works with electronics, blending acoustic and electronic sound worlds in seamless interactions. Her music

takes influence from Buddhist philosophy, psychology, and ritualistic tendencies that shape her relationship to form, stillness, and sense of space. Julia’s extensive

background in ballet has heavily informed her work whether choreography is explored with musicians or informing her creative process. Her work has been involved in a

variety of mediums that include electronic, chamber music, orchestral, music for dance, and collaborative and multi-disciplinary works. Julia’s music has been commissioned and performed by leading ensembles, including Blue Rider Ensemble, the Array Ensemble, Ensemble Arkea, Quatuor Bozzini, Toy Piano Composers Ensemble, Windermere String Quartet, among others. Her compositions have been presented at OUA Electronic Music Festival 2017 in Osaka Japan, NAISA’s Deep Wireless Compilation, The Movement Gallery, Festival of Original Theatre, and Open Ears Festival. Julia received a B.F.A specializing in Composition under Dr. Georges Dimitrov from Concordia University, Montréal in 2013. She continued her studies with composers Linda Catlin Smith, Brian Harman, and Juliet Palmer. Julia is an Associate Composer at the Canadian Music Centre and a member of the Association of Canadian Women Composers where she is currently Journal Editor